Melbourne duo Dual Manner change things up in a very funky way with the release of their new single ‘Open Eyes’, a five-minute electronic odyssey that carries plenty of vibrancy and groove within.

With Thomas Junior‘s soaring vocals travelling majestically across the jam-packed mix, Dual Manner compliment these smashing melodies with some effortlessly cool instrumentation such as the thick slap bass, crispy beats and revitalising synths. ‘Open Eyes’ commands your attention with its vast array of colour splashing about the duration for what might just be their most impressive release to date!

“We wrote ‘Open Eyes’ from the perspective of a person who has unrealistic or utopian expectations of what love is going to be like from a first encounter with someone, with the main theme being self confidence but approached from the perspective of deep naïveté and blissful ignorance.” – Dual Manner

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