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Australian duo CVIRO & GXNXVS continue to prove why they’re one of the fiercest duos going around at the moment with their latest collaboration ‘Confess’ that is the ultimate throwback to the golden days of old school R&B.

With CVIRO‘s sultry vocals melting across the mix like butter, ‘Confess’ provides a thick backdrop full of uncompromising groove and flavour through the deepened beats, thick bass lines and lively guitar riffs. It’s hard not to love everything about this latest offering between these two, with GXNXVS’ crisp production and CVIRO‘s stunning melodies being showcased at the highest possible quality that makes you immediately fall in love with ‘Confess’ upon your first listen.

Stream: NYK Records
CVIRO: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram
GXNXVS: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Spotify | Instagram

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