With their sophomore album ‘Langata’ rising their status to impressive new heights, Perth trio Crooked Colours are back for the first time in 2020 with a brand new single titled ‘Love Language’ – an elevating new single full of lively movement and groove that depicts a tale of romance and connection.

Centred around those trademark raspy vocals of Phil Slabber that add plenty of intrigue and character to the mix, ‘Love Language’ picks up where ‘Langata’ left off with a well polished mix that carries through some super-crisp beats, robust bass and tantalising synths whilst restraining the momentum to a laid-back feel.

What stands out within ‘Love Language’ is how Crooked Colours have maintained a minimalistic approach in the instrumentation throughout the duration of this track, but in doing so have ensured that an infectious groove can be transferred without overcomplicating the mix.

“This song is about the different ways in which we communicate our love for each other…How special it is to find someone that speaks the same love language as you. It’s a celebration of the uniqueness of relationships.” – Crooked Colours

Stream: Sweat It Out / Atlantic Records
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