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I don’t mean to alarm you, but ‘Impact’ may be the biggest collaborative track of the year. SG Lewis has teamed up with super-producer Channel Tres and the iconic Robyn to help create this incredible track and man, the result is epic. Even in the first few seconds of ‘Impact’, Robyn’s voice bellows over a heavy beat and you know you’re going to be in for a wild ride. Am I too excited about this song? Probably, but oh well!

Channel Tres lends some wonderfully deep vocals to ‘Impact’, that perfectly complement Robyn’s strong chorus. The amazing beat charges forward with buzzing synths, crisp samples and swirling atmospherics all dancing around the beat and creating an undeniable club vibe. ‘Impact’ is fun to listen to and feels almost euphoric when Robyn’s chorus breaks through.  This is a song that is really hard to forget and so easy to fall in love with.

To have a collaboration as powerful as this unleashed into the world is incredible. SG Lewis is an extremely talented artist because here, he’s been able to blend together the best parts of his collaborators and elevate them with his own unique production style. ‘Impact’ really hits you hard, but in the best way. 

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