Late Night Therapy – ‘Spinning’ [Premiere] Satin Jackets – ‘First Thing’ (feat. Tailor) jackLNDN – Patterns (lp) Acid Stag Radio Jbox – ‘The Way I Live a Life’ 44 Ardent – intothedeep (ep)

My favourite things about Dugong Jr is that he’s not afraid to experiment with sound. There’s no specific formula to his tracks and he is able to really feel his way through a track and put together a melody that’s really original and unlike anything else. His new track ‘Float’ has dropped and the melody of this song just makes me smile. 

Deep atmospherics subtly hover below warped samples and hollow pops that are scatted throughout the track. These pops just remind me of popcorn being cooked because they may sound random, but they’re still so intentional and give ‘Float’ a more playful tone. The bouncing beat keeps ‘Float’ from sounding too dreamy, but there is still such a chill vibe to the song. It’s relaxing, yet energetic and Rromarin’s vocals just make the whole project sound extra smooth.

‘Float’ is a very fluid track with a few quirky twists along the way and that groove – what a groove! This year, despite everything that’s been going on around us, really is a good year for Dugong Jr because every song he’s released has been so addictive and intriguing. Excuse me while I listen to ‘Float’ another billion times…

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