Marking out her first solo release since her critically-acclaimed album ‘Native Tongue’ in 2018, Mo’Ju returns to our hearts with her lively new single ‘Put It On Hold’ which is out now via Wilder Records.

Depicting a tale of battling mental health within oneself, ‘Put It On Hold’ outlays the emotive message through a light soundscape that combines elements of electronic and organically-grooving instrumentation together with ease. Featuring bubbly synths, funky bass lines and super-crisp harmonies, Mo’Ju creates a minimal yet highly effective composition that contrasts the altering moods to perfection.

“At the time that I wrote ‘Put It On Hold’ I was going through some heavy mental health stuff, which I guess was part cause and part symptom of some complicated relationship breakdowns. I know it probably sounds like a real throwaway line – “Put it on hold, put it on ice till it gets cold” – but I genuinely felt that. I just wanted everything to stop for a minute so I could catch my breath.” – Mo’Ju

Stream: Wilder Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

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