MY PLAYLIST is a series where we ask some of our favourite artists to share some of their favourite songs, and while it may give us a bit of insight into some their influences, we hope it will also show us what they enjoy listening to when they’re not thinking about making music. 

Jumping into the hot-seat this week is Ben Browning of Cut Copy  who is taking us on a nostalgic journey through some of his all-time favourite tunes. 

“In creating this playlist I went back ten years or more in my head and tried to remember some songs that meant so much to me then. A lot of these songs I listened to before I joined Cut Copy, and some I still listen to today. A lot are obvious classics, some are slightly more personal.” – Ben Browning

Cut Copy released a brand-new album last Friday called “Freeze, Melt” which we think is one of their best releases ever – check out the teaser below and then go read our full review right here!

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