If you’re in the mood for a bit of a groove today, we have just what you need to make that happen with this week’s HUMP DAY MIX which comes courtesy of Dutch producer Moods

“I have a thing for rare disco from the 70’s, it’s just so good. So I made a nice selection with some more unknown gems from those times. The mix is a blend of old & new disco music. And it shows how they go hand in hand. Hope u dig it.” – Moods

Moods dropped a new single recently called ‘Control’ which was a collaborative release with one of our other favourite acts Two Another, and you can also check that out below. 




1. Two Another – Aiming Up (Moods Remix)
2. Wayne Snow – Drunk 
3. Kenix – There’s Never Been No One Like You (feat. Bobby Youngblood) (Medlar Edit) 
4. B00TY – Modern Romance 
5. Darius & Wayne Snow – EQUILIBRIUM 
6. Frazelle – Today Is the Day (Linkwood Chop) 
7. Washed Out – Hard To Say Goodbye
8. Eddie Taylor – Love Dance
9. Egozi – Jell-O 
10. Ice – Reality
11. Frootful – Latin Strut
12. Cream De Coco – Disco Strut 

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