Kaytranda and Flying Lotus have an up and coming force to reckon with. Brimming at the surface of mainstream recognition, Los Angeles based producer Tek.lun has already been mastering his craft for years. Heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B genres the artist’s productions are characterized by hazy percussions and vibey melodies. I first came across him on Soundcloud three years ago, where his releases then offered up throbbing bass lines and off-kilter beats. In summary, his work absolutely slaps and signifies a promising career for Tek.lun both at the forefront of his project, but also behind the scenes. He recently released ‘Know Pressure’, his most diverse range of work to date. Consisting of eleven songs, the producer takes us through a sonic journey filled with lo-fi twists and turns.

‘WESSIDE’ is the first standout from the album. Sleek and contemporary, the house track navigates us through a number of dark soundscapes. Complimented by complex bass lines that later make their entrance, there’s a constant build in textures. Tek.lun boasts his layering magic on this one with subtle moments of vocal samples and interesting components. ‘YNG4M’ continues the same energy, giving us some playful keys to bounce with and sleek hi-hats to polish it off. ‘DRUGS!!!’ is also another big highlight off the project. Not restricting itself to the house-heavy pulse, the song delves into experimental territory. Taking a left-field approach to hip-hop, the lo-fi energy on this keeps a consistent groove.  

As the rest of the album continues to strike a balance of creative and modern electronic compositions, another track that leads to a darker point of departure is ‘For You (‘96)’. Resonating as the deepest cut off the record, the shimmering industrial number stacks in a hefty eight minutes. ‘Your Master’ wraps up the work, taking us back to Tek.lun’s influences with some retro references. What could be compared to an early 90s house joint, the tune unravels with a crisp and light four on the floor rhythm. Slowly winding into a psychedelic number, the album ends in an experimental triumph. With an inherent dexterity for arrangements, ‘Know Pressure’ is breathing new life into the contemporary intersection of electronic and hip-hop.

Stream: HW&W Recordings
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