A few weeks ago we kicked off a new series called MY PLAYLIST where we ask some of our favourite artists to share some of their favourite/inspiring/go-to songs.

Jumping into the hot-seat this week is US artist Whethan who has given us a collection of songs that he says make him feel alive – and maybe we can all do with a little bit of that right now!

“These are my favorite songs at the moment. I chose them all for different reasons. Similarly they all make me feel alive. Some make me want to dance like disclosure expressing what matters. Others make me want to go hard like Kanye west or Travis Scott. And others I love for the sound design like mutated forms flashbacks, or wavez change by scntst. I’m always making music so when I’m not I usually want to listen to music that inspires me to get back in the studio and push the bar forward.” – Whethan


Just back in April Whethan gave us a new single called ‘So Good’ which features German artist bülow and if you haven’t got around that as of yet, now is your chance. 

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