One of Australia’s fastest rising artists in Kota Banks returns this week with a swift dance track titled ‘Never Sleep’, the latest glimpse of her forthcoming EP ‘SWEET AND THE SPICE’ that showcases once again her adaptability into any realm she enters. 

‘Never Sleep’ sees a fast-paced energy from the word go through the use Banks’ pitch-shifted vocals matching the energy of the four to the floor beat and vigorous synth bass stabbing its way in. The infectiousness of the track hits its peak in the chorus, where the synth bass gains further presence in the soundscape and combines with Banks’ catchy melodies to give the track the dance bracket it truly deserves.

“I’ve been dying to do a fun dance song for ages, but this actually started as a much more downtempo RnB moment. I wrote the melody and lyrics over this really dark slow, sexy beat and brought it into the studio. My producer ChunkyLuv heard it and immediately sped the vocals up, and actually re-produced the whole beat that night! It was maybe the quickest song I’ve ever written, it took about 20 minutes, and I’m so excited that it gets to be this cool fun unpredictable moment in my catalogue.” – Kota Banks

Stream: Sony Music Entertainment Australia
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