Last week we kicked off a new series called MY PLAYLIST where we ask some of our favourite artists to share some of their favourite/inspiring/go-to songs.

We had some fantastic feedback on our first edition with Australian producer Motez, and this week the spotlight is shining on German bros TWO LANES with their playlist “ESCAPE”. 

Our Escape Playlist is a mix of recently released music and some of our all time favorite tracks. You will find music by Bonobo, Kiasmos, Tourist, or Christian Löffler but also music outside of the electronic genre. At the moment we really enjoy listening to artists that combine acoustic/organic elements with electronic sounds. We also started to incorporate more live instruments into our new tracks.

We are currently working on a lot of new music in our studio in Berlin. Listening to all these great artists is definitely a big source of inspiration.” – TWO LANES

TWO LANES released a gorgeous new single recently called ‘Never Enough’ which is in-fact the opening track to their “ESCAPE” playlist – you can give that some one-on-one time below and it will also be found on a new six-track ep called “Lights” which they will be releasing on July 16th via bitbird

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