Continuing in a similar fashion to his most recent single ‘Loss’, Módl once again leans on the vibrant guitars for his incredibly cool new single ‘Faith’ that inspires us to continue to have faith in ourselves in these challenging times.

Módl displays a growing comfortability in his sound, with the guitars crooning their way through and forming a cohesive bond with his angelic vocals. Featuring crisp beats that encompass a charismatic feeling amongst them, ‘Faith’ ensures a minimalism in its approach and as such oozes a sense of freedom that is reflected in the lyricism within. 

“Faith is about how I’m constantly doubting myself and losing hope instead of just having faith that things will be alright. It’s about struggling to believe in yourself and trusting you know what’s best while praying everything will work out.

When I start losing faith in myself I almost instantly start feeling off, so this song is about preserving that feeling of hope to achieve everything you’re capable of and much more. To anyone struggling through these tough times – have faith that things will get better” – Módl

Stream: Found/Red
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