Since we’re all early awaiting for the release of Kllo’s new album ‘Maybe We Could’, the duo has been kind enough to unleash some beautiful songs from the album just to keep us going until it’s release. So far this year, we’ve been blessed with ’Still Here’ and ‘Insomnia’, but now we also have ‘Somehow’ so enjoy.

‘Somehow’ is a lot dancer than it’s predecessors, with a skittering beat and an upbeat melody that circles around Chloe Kaul’s soft vocals. This is a perfect song to listen to on a night-time drive because not only is it a bit dark but it also has a lot of movement and energy – perfect for when you’re just cruising somewhere by yourself and can feel comfortable. The most wonderful part of ‘Somehow’ (even though the entire track is gorgeous) is the delicate strings that appear about a minute into the song. The strings inject an ethereal element into ‘Somehow’ and make it feel dreamy and dance-centric at the same time. It’s the little things that can bring a song to a whole new level and those strings really elevate the melody, but I’m sure Kllo know this because all of their tracks have an unexpected element that helps their music stand out.

From what we’ve heard so far this year, Kllo’s next album is going to be a real treat. Every song is elegant and truly shows the growth the Melbourne-based duo have gone through since they released their debut album ‘Backwater’. If you’re not on the edge of your seat waiting for ‘Maybe We Could’, play ’Somehow’ a few more times and you’ll get there. 

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