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London producer Duskus shows us a masterclass in sound design with his futuristic new single ‘Rising’, the first glimpse of an upcoming EP that is due for release in the coming months.

‘Rising’ moves through with an upbeat tempo full of lively momentum in the percussion, setting the scene for a resounding showcase of synth manipulation in the chorus. With these synths stabbing through the mix in a robust nature, Duskus brings forth further colour with the vocal chops bouncing their way around – as well as the elegance of the raw melodies in the verses adding a divine shade to the scene.

“The inspiration behind this single for me was to try and create something unique, but still listenable. Something that people can enjoy and understand even though it’s something new. When working on this EP, a lot of my focus was more into sound design which is something new to me. I realised that the sound of something can actually evoke emotion, and I wanted to focus as much attention on this as I could.” – Duskus

Stream: Bitbird
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