South London artist James Vickery is quickly becoming one of the UK’s hottest talents, and in his rework of his hit single ‘Pressure’ with SG Lewis titled ‘Pressure (Part II)’, we see just why he’s on top of his game right now with this incredibly display of R&B bliss.

‘Pressure (Part II)’ sees Vickey team up with Sinead Harnett on guest vocals, and nearly stealing the limelight with a stunning verse that adds a whole new dimension to the offering. With super crunchy drum lines combining with the deepened bass line holding the backbone together, Vickery and Harnett work off the engaging synths to provide a thick wall of sound that smacks you across the face!

“I wanted to do something different instead of just putting out typical remixes for Overture. I’m a singer through and through, so I wanted to showcase some extraordinary singers that I know and love. With each song I’ve tried to do something completely different and original, be it continuing the story from the original song, or singing in another language…” – James Vickery

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