LA indie/electronic artist Stephen has brought forth one of the catchiest tracks we’ve come across this year with ‘Stray Nights’, the latest sneak peak of his forthcoming album ‘Akrasia’ that dabbles in the realms of electronic/pop with its contagiousness on full display for all to enjoy.

Featuring the captivating vocals of Chloe Angelides, ‘Stray Nights’ packs some serious energy with its empowering bass and deep drums holding an impenetrable foundation in the backdrop, whilst the light touch of the guitars provide a liveliness in the tempo. With the contrast in vocals between Stephen and Angelides allowing for a beautiful variance in colour across the soundscape, we see the addictiveness of the pop influence bleed through the mix and completely take hold of our hearts whilst doing so.

“The outer layer represents a longing for someone who is so not trying to be anyone, who is so outside the drama, who doesn’t belong in a big city, the deeper layer is the personification of breathing and meditation, of coming home to the now, the heart, the compassion, the total lack of expectation and just pure acceptance of what is. The return to nothingness.” – Stephen

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