Sydney artist Friendless and Melbourne fast-rising singer/songwriter Jade Alice have combined forces for one of the hardest-hitting club bangers you will come across this year with the release of ‘Intoxicating’.

As the name suggests, ‘Intoxicating’ wastes no time and leaves an imprint on you from the word go with the thumping combination of bass and drums blasting through your speakers that contrast perfectly with Alice’s mesmerising vocals that leave you in awe. Friendless changes things up and catches you off-guard with a two well placed breakdowns, one of which relies heavily on the tight-nit trap beats and the other bringing forth the elegant strings that intensify things in a major way in partnership with Alice’s haunting melodies.

“‘Intoxicating’ is very much a product of the pandemic lockdown. I thought it could be cool to push my artistic boundaries and do something that didn’t have to be simply dance floor fodder. I have long wanted to do a non-linear composition that moves through different movements centred around a theme and variation but doesn’t necessarily ever hit the same way twice. I was so lucky to be introduced to Jade; I knew straight away that if anyone was going to deliver on this concept it was her and she didn’t disappoint. Obviously being in lockdown we were working over Zoom but we may as well have been in the same room, as the collaborative process was so awesome.” – Friendless

Stream: Be Rich Records
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