It would be hard to find a busier act than Australian duo Night Tales in 2020, releasing four incredible singles that have shown a rise in quality each and every time and now they’re continuing the trend with the release of ‘Runaway’ – their first single with Tinted Records.

As we’ve come to love about Night Tales, ‘Runaway’ encompasses a deep-hitting beat right in its core that is used as a building block for the infectious synth bass to further emphasise the groove within the piece. Amongst all of this, we must acknowledge the standout vocals that are on offer in ‘Runaway’ that stand strong in the mix with crystal-clear production, and with the clever scattering of sampled elements in the chorus sections provide a welcomed contrast to the picture.

‘Runaway’ is about the fear and vulnerability of falling in love despite wanting to dive right in. When the critical voice starts to become more present it leads us to self-sabotage and ultimately run away from real love.” – Night Tales

Stream: Tinted Records
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