After the release of his EP ‘Utopia’ earlier this year, Nick AM returns in quick succession with a mysterious new single ‘Wake Up’ that is full of intrigue and wonder, and challenges us to take on our own insecurities and beliefs in such a crazy period worldwide. 

With an almost hypnotising approach to the vocals and melodies, ‘Wake Up’ lures you in immediately with the whispered and deep stylings that catch your attention immediately amongst the warped instrumentation that swoons in and out of the mix. In this direct approach, Nick AM talks directly to his listeners and forces us to think very carefully about the information we consume on a day to day basis.

“Wake Up came to me while in Tokyo for my first international gig this past January. It’s written to encourage people to question their reality and what they’re sold as the truth. Look up from your phone. Log off IG, turn off the news, or at least change the channel. Listen to a different perspective, and form your own opinion. The media baits our emotions. makes us feel insecure about ourselves and the future. We can’t control the fate of the world, but we can control how we react to it.” – Nick AM

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