Prepare yourself for one of the biggest thumpers that you’ll hear this year courtesy of the brand new single from Hotel Garuda titled ‘Rush’ that as the name suggests takes you on a fast-paced journey with many twists and turns throughout its duration.

‘Rush’ delves into the deep electronic instrumentation to provide a thick foundation of resounding bass, pumping drums and buoyant synths which sets the scene for a thrilling journey. With a mix of altered vocals in the intensified chorus, and the laid back/natural approach during the reprieve, Hotel Garuda pulls out all the tricks in ‘Rush’ that in my opinion is arguably his strongest release to date!

“While the sonic choices I made in this song reflect how I’ve been influenced by disco, house, and even psychedelic rock, the visualizer draws heavy from the memories I have of video games I played when I was growing up. When I pictured how I wanted it to look, I was instantly reminded of the feeling I got playing games like Road Rash, Need For Speed: Underground and Midnight Club. 53npai’s visualizer for the song beautifully captured exactly what I wanted; an exotic car on a nocturnal adventure, neon lights and all.” – Hotel Garuda

Stream: Mom+Pop
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