Already providing us with arguably one of the biggest collaborations of 2020 in ‘Down for You’ with Ruel, Australian sibling duo Cosmo’s Midnight follow up in impeccable style with their sun-drenched new offering ‘Yesteryear’ that packs some serious groove into its 3:40 duration!

From the word go, ‘Yesteryear’ injects a ray of sunshine into our hearts and minds through the uplifting colour palate utilised in this dreamy soundscape. With effortlessly captivating vocals floating away in the mix, Cosmo’s Midnight get you moving with their flavoursome bass lines, atmospheric synths and echoed guitars that when combined together leaves you in a state of happiness for the rest of the day.

“‘Yesteryear’ is a song reflecting back on the years past, the unchanging feelings of youth, growing up and contemplating the future. We tried to blend these feelings into the production by drawing inspiration from older pop records as well some more progressive records. Although it seems a lot of thought went into it, ‘Yesteryear’ came about really quickly and naturally.” – Cosmo’s Midnight

Stream: Nite High / Sony Music
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