With three impressive releases already in 2020, the duo from Two Another continue to amaze us every time with their fourth single ‘My Religion’, the latest glimpse from their forthcoming EP which shows a more mellowed out tempo whilst staying true to their alternative/R&B roots.

What we see in ‘My Religion’ is the growth in Two Another‘s artillery, highlighting their versatility with a laid back feeling which stands prevalent in the percussion utilised. Maintaining an R&B/soulful influence in its core, ‘My Religion’ adds a smoothness throughout its duration with both flavoursome melodies and a charismatic bass line carrying the groove, whilst throwing colourful keys and horns into the backdrop that add a shimmering polish across the soundscape.

“The beat was inspired by two of our favourite Frank Ocean songs ‘Pink Matter’ and ‘Super Rich Kids.’ It’s the slowest track we’ve released to date and once Louis Munro contributed the bass part, he really gave it the bounce it needed. Lyrically the song came from a discussion we had about how you can lean on someone so much for a sense of peace and happiness that you can forget how to create that for yourself. We started throwing out terms like confession and redemption and from there we just decided to lean into the religious symbolism with the lyrics – rather than just being another love song.” – Two Another

Stream: Sweat It Out!
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