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Willaris. K has just released his sophomore EP ‘Lustre’ and I feel like it really is a cinematic masterpiece. Why? Take a seat and let me explain. 

‘5 O’clock’ kicks off the EP with ticking synths that do actually remind you of a clock. The synths keep moving along until crunching samples and a long, buzzing synth starts to build. A heavy beat is then brought into the mix and it’s as if something is breaking through – something almost devilish. Just as the crescendo on ‘5 o’clock’ hits, we switchgear into ‘Get With My Light’. This track is very eerie and features misty synths, hollow vocals from Tom Snowdon and a very minimalist melody. I’m talking so minimalist it sometimes sounds like there’s not even a melody at all! It’s so subtle and allows the vocals to really take the lead. 

‘Cobaki Sky’ is a lot more vibrant than its predecessors. Buzzing synths, trickling samples and a fast-paced tempo take over from the shadowy atmospherics of ‘Get With My Light’, giving you the impression that you’ve climbed out of the shadows (or at least started to climb out). I say this because there’s still a feeling of panic on ‘Cobaki Sky’ – it still keeps you on your toes. Then, the panic is replaced with a very haunting vibe, thanks to the sombre vocals and airy atmospherics on ‘Indifferent’. This song has a wonderful flow, led by a strong piano track and a melody that feels almost ethereal. It’s like ‘Indifferent’ floats into your eardrums like a light mist… it harmlessly creeps in.

‘Detach’ brings things up a notch with colourful, dancing synths and bright samples. This song is the most house-influenced of the bunch, but this is Willaris. K after all, so there’s still a hint of spookiness. Another amazing piano track appears on ‘Past Light’, which is paired with gentle samples of laughing children, bringing a very emotional element into the mix. ‘Past Light’ feels smoky and as you listen, the synths get brighter, the tempo gets faster and the atmospherics go from hazy to astonishingly bright and soon, you feel like something has risen from the ashes. 

‘Lustre’ sounds like the life, death and rebirth of a phoenix. You begin in a dark place and eventually find yourself born anew. This is why Willaris. K is a great storyteller because he doesn’t need lyrics to present a magical narrative and man, what a spectacular narrative ‘Lustre’ has!

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