Inviting us into a very personal collection of indie/pop offerings that delve deep into coming to grips with one’s sexuality and self, Essie Holt delivers on her highly anticipated debut EP ‘Silent Wars’ that solidifies her place as one of Australia’s most promising talents.

Featuring previous smash hits such as ‘Give Me The Night’ and ‘Last One’, Essie Holt continues her partnership with Evan Klar (Kate Miller-Heidke, Austen) on production duties to bring forth four previously unheard tracks that shimmer and shine with both pristine vocals intertwining with crystal-clear production. 

“For me, this was being queer. I came out in the middle of writing these songs, and the work evolved as my journey unfolded. I got to know myself really well in this time and answered some really honest questions that I guess I’d always been too scared to dive into. It was confronting and at times pretty painful, but now I am living my truth, and that feels pretty special.”  – Essie Holt

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