Jbox – ‘The Way I Live a Life’ 44 Ardent – intothedeep (ep) Mall Grab – What I Breathe (LP) Acid Stag Radio cln – Into The Night (feat. Eilish Gilligan) ODESZA – The Last Goodbye (LP)

With several releases under his belt already in 2020, Ramzoid continues to bring the heat with a ferocious new single ‘VAMPIRE’ that provides some heavy power across the soundscape. 

‘VAMPIRE’ achieves this sense of power throughout its duration courtesy of the booming bass lines, eerie samples floating around the backdrop and hard-hitting beats which are accentuated further by Ramzoid‘s direct vocal delivery that stabs right through the mix. 

“this song is about feeling like a vampire in your everyday life and getting annoyed with people…shout out to all the modern day vampires out there.” – Ramzoid

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