Over the last few months Australian artist Emerson Leif has given us two outstanding singles ‘Wake Up With You’ and ‘Next2’, while also making promise of his debut ep coming our way soon, and I am very excited to say that “soon” is now!

Emerson Leif’s debut ep is called “Bad Company” and it is a very impressive five-track collection of his smooth electro/alt-pop/r&b sound and style, which can be likened to a mix between Joji, Blood Orange and The Internet.

Helping out with the co-production/mixing is one of Emerson’s regular collaborators and good friends, Golden Vessel – you can pretty much guarantee that when these guys go into a session together nothing but pure quality is going to come from it, and this ep is strong evidence of that.

“I am excited to share my first EP, ‘Bad Company’. This collection of songs were mostly written and recorded in my lounge room, and in between gorging myself on ramen on a recent trip to Japan. My good friend Golden Vessel co-produced and mixed the EP and the cover art is a photograph I took in the front room of my house last winter.

The title-track is about finding forgiveness when relationships don’t go the way good intentions would hope for. Sometimes things in life just don’t work out like we planned but there is so much beauty to be found in the process of releasing someone from feeling guilt, including yourself. The song also touches on an element of duality with ‘bad company’ referencing nostalgic memories of employment from my youth. Working at something more whole heartedly than a mindless, replaceable role would dictate and youthful dreaming of breaking out of that mould.” – Emerson Leif

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