Following on from last years singles ‘Fangtooth’ and ‘Abyssal -4400’, Sydney artist Phondupe brings forth a hypnotising new single and accompanying music video titled ‘Eel City’ that will lock you in from the word go.

‘Eel City’ injects a darkness into the soundscape through the heavy utilisation of analogue synths which ensure a murkiness into the mix. With the driving percussion holding the foundations in place, ‘Eel City’ creates a uniqueness through Phondupe‘s restrained yet soothing vocals that guide the majestic journey through unknown territory.

As well as this, Phondupe brings forth an artistically driven music video to accompany the release, which utilises consistently changing animation to further showcase the story depicted of darkness and mystery – and match the intensity created with the rises and falls of the audio.

“EEL CITY is about finding a way to make it through, despite everything life throws at you.” Phondupe

Fans can catch Phondupe in Sydney on February 21st at Knox Street Bar, and in Melbourne on March 6th at the Grace Darling Hotel. Click here for more information.

Stream: Air Con Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Soundcloud

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