The Close Counters set at BIGSOUND took place in the Wooly Mammoth Alehouse, a secluded, vibey bar located in the thriving hub of Fortitude Valley.

Opening their set with two new songs from their upcoming EP (due for release on the 19th of September), the indie-electronic duo’s set was dominated by smooth 7th chords and jazzy runs, as well as some strong funk elements and at times intense rhythmic syncopation. Their music can be described as rich in experimentalism (think if pink Floyd were an electronic duo) and the pair’s high energy and enthusiasm made the performance all the more alluring.

Throughout the show, both band members were able to really showcase their virtuosity on the keys. Future lead solos would often take the role of main melody with sustained keys and Blade Runner style synths thrown in to the mix for extra retro vibes. An unforgettable moment from the set came during a powerful, buzzsaw synth drop, even further enhanced by trippy visuals, erratic lights and a smoke machine.

About midway through the set, they played a new release off of their upcoming EP featuring singer: Wallace. She was in London at the time of the show so she couldn’t perform it with them, however her pre-recorded vocals did not detract from Close Counters’ compelling performance. In true Close Counters form, the song drew to a close with a sustained, jazzy finish.

For the final two songs of their set, they played: SOULACOASTA and TRAVEL TREATS, which went down a hit. TRAVEL TREATS especially was the perfect selection to finish on, distinguished by a cowbell groove that got everyone vibing to the rhythm and complemented with a grungy future bass riff intersected with a thudding kick drum and once again, syncopated jazz chords. The song finished leaving the crowd wanting more and the room quickly filled with the sound of the audience chanting “one more song!”

Close Counters new EP REFRACTIONS comes out this week on September 19th, and if it’s anything like their energetic, jazz-driven performance, it’s bound to be worth the listen!

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