With their glistening jam ‘C.U.D.I (Can U Dig It)’ still ringing around in our ears, Australia’s Cosmo’s Midnight serve up another tasty release just in time for their upcoming sets at Splendour in the Grass this week and Listen Out titled ‘Have It All’ which features Age.Sex.Location, as well as a behind the scenes styled music video that takes us a little bit closer into the duo’s lives.

Following a similar wavelength to ‘C.U.D.I’, ‘Have It All’ evokes a disco/funk influence in the charismatic instrumentation that is purely infectious. With shimmering guitars, lively bass and raspy horns all showcasing themselves to the forefront, ‘Have It All’ delves into a flirtatious manner with the glistening vocals that add the final piece to the puzzle.

Stream: Nite High / Sony Music
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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