After releasing his EP ‘Redux’ and recent single ‘Fine’ earlier this year, Philadelphia producer Attic Beats continues to provide us with enticing pieces of electronic music through his new minimalistic release ‘Know’ featuring the gorgeous vocals of Frye.

Through the utilisation of buzzing synths that electrifying the mix, Attic Beats has perfectly manipulated his composition without any over-complication to ensure a simplicity is shared on all fronts. Creating significant room for the angelic vocals of Frye to captivate our senses, ‘Know’ ticks all the right boxes for a soothing piece of electronic music.

‘The meaning of a song is something that can be interpreted so many different ways. The same can be said when searching for meaning in life. Everyone has their own path and I believe this song will mean something a little different to each person that listens to it.’Attic Beats  

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