Over the years we’ve seen Sydney producer/vocalist Kid Fiction blossom through each release, building on his captivating melodies and polished production prowess. Now he takes us on a profound journey, crossing various genres in a cohesive manner with his brand new ‘Unburdened’ EP which we’ve got your first listen for!

‘Unburdened’ comprises four unheard tracks, as well as previous releases ‘At The Mall’ and ‘What Defines You’ that have received some serious love across the globe already. What we find in this offering is a central focus on gripping instrumentation that rips through the mix, as well as carefully manipulated rises and falls in intensity that grips you to the edge of your seat throughout the entirety. Follow that with Kid Fiction‘s alluring tones that transport you to a new dimension and there you have it – a well rounded odyssey of eclectic sounds that is sure to leave you wanting more.

‘It wasn’t about tricky electronics and showy pop numbers this time. I really just set out to make something emotionally honest’ – Kid Fiction

Stream: GL Music Entertainment
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