With his latest EP ‘CRAYOLA’ taking us into his inner sanctum, Dwilly continues to deliver on all fronts with his latest release ‘it’s okay to be different’, which serves as quite the anthem for being true oneself. 

Coming through with a lively and upbeat tempo, ‘it’s okay to be different’ provides a joyful soundscape with elements of obscurity prevalent in the pads warping around the mix. With a laid back approach in the vocals, Dwilly utilises this podium to get upfront with everyone to flaunt the message of individuality in your face.

“I used to care what other people thought of me, and once I stopped caring it was easier to concentrate on the things that matter to me, like being authentic with myself as an artist and setting examples. The lyrics in the song are easy to follow. The title explains it all- it’s ok to be different. Let’s celebrate being weird, being untypical, and not fitting into normality. Boundaries are meant to be pushed so let’s push them! Happy Pride month.” – dwilly

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