Back in October Austrian producer filous shared a very infectious new tune called ‘Bicycle’ which featured the the gorgeous voice of English songstress klei, as well as some co-production work from Golden Vessel, and this week he has a very cool Harry Deadman directed music video to share with us.

Gotta say these guys do look pretty damn cool on their bicycle yeah.

“We decided to shoot the whole video all over The Netherlands as its one of my favorite places. So after we decided on the location and date Harry flew over part of his crew we started to shoot right away!

I really love how well it captures not only the mood but also the vintage-meets-modern aesthetic of the song, as its half digital and half shot on 16mm film. We had such a great time making the video. It just felt like a bunch of friends having fun and to me the video really reflects that!”” – filous

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