Fresh off being announced for Electric Forrest, as well as wrapping up support duties with San Holo, New Zealand producer BAYNK provides a change of pace with an upbeat and vibrant offering in ‘Off Limits’ which features the angelic melodies of Glades.

BAYNK incepts ‘Off Limits’ with a softness in the composition, leading with a subtlety in the keys that act as the foundations for Glades‘ effortless vocals to stand atop of. Building the suspense with a thumping percussion, ‘Off Limits’ wastes no time and leads to a colourful and emphatic chorus full of colour in the synths and bass that adds a delightful pop element to the piece. The combination of BAYNK‘s concise production techniques and Glades‘ charismatic vocals are a match made in heaven to depict an emotional tale of owning ones emotions towards another.

Fans can check out BAYNK‘s North American tour with Golden Vessel on the below dates:

Stream/Buy: All Points
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram


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