Prepare to dive deep into a world of ultimate tranquility courtesy of North Carolina producers Koresma and Shuhandz latest collaboration ‘Wash Away’, featuring the captivating melodies of Ellie Hartye.

‘Wash Away’ basks away in an atmospheric ambiance through its laid back percussion enforcing a swayed nature and swirling pads moving throughout, laying the relaxed podium for Hartye to lure you in with her charmingly light vocals that circle around your membrane instantaneously.

“The inspiration behind “Wash Away” all started with a field recording of hang drum recorded on iPhone 5. The sound was so deep and magical, every time we tweaked the sample something special was discovered.The vocals really tie the song together and give it its meaning. The lyrics “floating between” and “wash away” are a mantra to the idea of letting things go and being okay with that process. The outgoing tide and waves crashing on a beach were a big visual inspiration that helped us carry out the metaphor via music. We wanted to create something fresh yet meditative, something that evokes a sense of mindfulness and allows you to be present and experience the now.” – Koresma & Shuhandz

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