Just recently we were treated to an infectious dance-driven treat called ‘good time’ by NYC producer warner case, which also featured the vocal stylings of fellow New Yorker, Zak Downtown.

warner case hinted that he had more exciting news to share with us very soon, and this week he is coming back to us with a brand-new single called ‘heart dance’ which features the voice and mad trumpeting sounds of New York-based artist Spencer Ludwig – and that’s not all folks.

Both ‘good time’ and ‘heart dance’ are also accompanied by two very spectacular Losmose  directed music videos, and collectively being branded as the ‘good time heart dance’ ep.

“The idea for this video came from Zak’s lyrics “All around the world!”. It immediately reminded me of a circus ringleader, and the pacing and swagger of his flow reminded me of a boxer. So Losmose and I thought: “what if he and a dancer were pitted against each other in a surrealist boxing match, as if Fear and Loathing met Rocky?” – and this is what happened…” – warner case

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“This video continues on from ‘good time’, as the ringleader steals away with the girl (or does she steal away with him?), romantically dining together with the finest grape juice, cupped pudding, and a dripping, bloody heart, while Spencer Ludwig performs on top of the table… like one of Leslie Nielsen’s most vibrant nightmares.” – warner case

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