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After captivating fans with the heavenly ‘Echo’, Sydney’s Billy Fox returns in quick fashion with another masterclass in falsetto through ‘Be Like This For A While’ that once again encompasses various elements of R&B/soul to provide an astonishing depth in production.

‘Echo’ from early on bleeds influence from the likes of James Blake, courtesy of the warped vocals and the richness in the keys that sets the theme of obscurity in place. Fox utilises this podium to unearth his incredible earthy falsetto tones that hook you in from the first note and leave you in absolute awe. Combining with the various shades of colour presented in the piece, whether that be through the lightness in the guitars or the deep nature of the percussion, ‘Be Like This For A While’ takes its full form towards the latter end of its duration through an intensified climax full of sheer passion and drive in the instrumentation.

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