This is exciting news!

Crooked Colours have just dropped word that they have a new album planned for release in early 2019, and today they are giving us the very first taste with this smooth, dark, electro-beat banger called ‘I’ll Be There’.

I’m really digging the vibes on this one. It’s very easy to get lost in its whisper soft vocals, hypnotic loops and driving atmospheric synths – it also comes with a Yeahsure directed video,

“The first release for an album is always difficult, but we felt that “I’ll Be There” is the perfect departure, whilst also shining light on what to expect for our next record. We were heavily influenced by spending 18 months on the road since releasing VERA and got a lot of insight into what was connecting from a live perspective. With this single we feel that we have the right balance between a track that’s just as enjoyable through a set of headphones as it is dancing along at one of our live shows or festivals.” – Crooked Colours

Stream & Buy via: Sweat It Out
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