Fresh from the release of his latest EP ‘Ringos Desert Pt. 1’, ZHU changes the pace up from the electronic soarers we’ve come to know to a cohesion of funk and RnB with ‘Coming Home’ that enlists Majid Jordan to provide that extra polish.

‘Coming Home’ lures us in immediately through the sultry melodies of Majid Jordan which sit on top of the smooth bassline, as well as various colour palates achieved through the differing synths thrown around in the mix. Compared to other releases, ZHU dives deep into the RnB realm through a crispness in the percussion combining with a clever manipulation of his own vocals via the utilisation of a counter melody that further exaggerates the seductive nature that is embedded in the vocals. These elements when combined with the groove already created through the soulful expertise of Majid Jordan results in the perfect blend of ambiance and passion.

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