The London based artist Hero Fisher (true name) has delivered a beautiful and emotive number ‘Lonely’. The single is so well put together in terms of production matching the vocals.

Throughout the entirety of the song there are instruments coming in and out, incredibly well-timed to match the mood of the song and vocals, leading up to the explosion of feels that is the chorus. It is a very powerful and emotionally charged song, and the heavy repetition of the chorus lyrics really drive home the weight of the track. It’s so strong, backed by a simply amazing bridge that just blows you away with long and heavy synths.

I’m unsure how to place this song in terms of genre; it’s somewhere between melodic electronica and soul? I’m completely unsure, but whatever the hybrid/creation of genre is, it’s absolutely working. She has hinted this won’t be the last we hear of her in 2018, so stay on the pulse of this rising star.

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