He’s a relatively fresh face on the hip-hop scene but delivering some fresh sounds. Melbourne’s Hvncoq has dropped his track ‘Unusual’, which is the lead track from his forthcoming self-titled EP. I am certainly hoping that it sets the mood for the EP itself.

Allowing the production to set the tone, it really just flows perfectly into the lyrics. Not conforming to the general or standard formats of Australian hip-hop, Hvncoq brings a very unique and “unusual” vibe. His bars are tight, the lyrics are open and real, the production is top-notch, and it is shining a bright light for this rising talent.

It is very refreshing to see this new wave of hip-hop artists that are coming out of Australia, and creating a sound that is on par with the rest of the world. Hvncoq will definitely be one of the names you see riding that wave.

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