GUM, the moniker of Tame Impala/Pond multi-instrumentalist Jay Watson, has released his latest single and video ‘The Blue Marble‘. Psychedelic phasing is very present within this one. Watson’s ability to traverse multiple genres is evident, not only in this release, but in his latest sonic offerings.

The groovy chorus that seems to emerge out of nowhere, with stabbing violins, Tame Impala flavoured drums and a funky bass line, is by far the highlight of the track.

The song is a preview of his upcoming fourth record ‘The Underdog’, being released via Spinning Top on April 6. Mixed and recorded himself, GUM describes his fourth LP as, “The soundtrack to a day in the life of GUM. Starting before going out at night, full of spirit and euphoria and feeling like it’s me against the world, before crashing and waking up riddled with anxiety and panic, only to build myself up to do it all again.”

GUM is also heading out on a national tour at the end of this month before jetting off to the USA and Europe. For tickets, head here.

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