Having only released two tracks in the lead up to a headline tour may seem crazy to a lot of people, but you better believe sell-out shows can come from it.

Melbourne boys No Mono met a few years back when collaborating on Tom Iansek’s project #1 Dads. Tom Snowdon featured on the track ‘Return To’, which sparked an immediate sonic chemistry between the two.

Today, No Mono marks their territory as one of the most exciting new projects to come out of Australian music. There comes a time in every generation where you need to stop, put your phone away and be in the moment. From Snowdon’s very first note, the Northcote Social Club was halted into silence. Honestly, this was a moment for Australian music. The tender caresses of his unique vocals paired with Iansek’s productions are what some would call incredible, but I call a gift.

Opening with ‘Violence Broken’ and closing with their debut track ‘Butterflies’ was the perfect synergy for a full set. Snowdown and Iansek are two of the most respected artists in Australia, but put them on the world stage and they will have a place in every corner.

An album is on the way and I feel so lucky to have been one of the first to hear what’s to come. No Mono are a duo you must see and listen to live. It’s kind of hard to explain the effect this performance had on me but it really hit me deep down in the belly. The reverberating basslines and percussions created a space where I felt a warmth wash over me, and then to witness Snowdon embody the music and lyrics in an eccentric manner left me entranced.

There is a clear stylistic approach to their work, with an artistic vision for every detail. I was left speechless after the performance and a quick chat I had with a fellow gig goer left us both goo-goo-ga-ga.

No Mono, you are a blessing to this industry and we will be forever grateful for the music you gift us. What a special night.

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Featured Image by: Nayt Housman