‘Like A Ghost’ is the new deep house anthem from NYC producer Francis Mercier and Starvo T.

Francis Mercier is fast becoming a household name in the dance music scene with the recent release of his first solo EP in 2017. It comes as no surprise that combining his talent with Stavro T and vocalist Jodi Ferguson is a surefire recipe for success. A mathematician by trade from Brown University, Francis could be solving imposing scientific problems but instead, he chose to formulate music.

Melodically, the track is on point. The vocal lead, and airy synths work together in a unison that is rare to come across is modern electronic music. The track gradually builds into a slow groovy, typical deep house vibe that imbues your limbs with a mind of its own. Certainly got me moving.

If you are looking for something to help kick start your week, and get you moving, then this track is worth your time.

Stream/Buy: Deep Root Records
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