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After supporting the likes of Goldlink, George Maple and Kaytranada, and receiving glowing endorsements from Nina Las Vegas and Ryan Hemsworth, UV boi returns with his sophomore release ‘Returned Alone’, a unique blend of slow burning RnB combined with pure emotive context that plucks at all the heartstrings.

‘Bleeding Out (Scared)’ begins the EP with a haunting nature through arpeggiated synthesizers pulsating through, but instantly pull back and let the vocals take centre stage. From here we become introduced to the trip hop influence that is centred around this track, and as a result builds the intensity of the track cohesively. The harmonised vocals cleverly expand the ‘scared’ nature of the track, as well as the splashes of sampled vocals in the background ensure that the darkness established in the core of the song is maintained throughout its duration.

‘Is This Love’ swoons in from the get go with a crisp harmonised melody that leads the track into the intricate percussion. Vocally the melody restrains itself and creates a calming swagger to the overall feel of the track, which tactically creates an outpour of emotional context that combines expertly with both the RnB nature of the track and the splashes of synths & electronic elements that come in and out of the soundscape that crescendo into an emphatic ending for this ode to love.

A highlight of the EP lies within the forth track – ‘Dark’, commencing with a heavy swooping synth full of ambience that develops into an offbeat percussion that grabs your attention instantly. UV boi’s production skills come on display as Villette’s heavenly vocals are combined with the above elements, as well as a touch of bass holding down the backbone that together form a cohesive partnership that builds significant force through the track. Combining both the female and male vocals in the latter half of the song acts as a masterstroke, as the blend works as a light and dark complex adding plenty of colour to the mix.

UV boi takes a huge step forward through his sophomore EP, expanding on his unique blend of heavy synth presence and RnB backbone that results in 6 emotive rollercoasters.

‘Returned Alone’ is available everywhere now via Valve Sounds, and Aussie fans can catch UV Boi around the country this September/October as he hits the road for his ‘Returned Alone Tour’ – click the poster for more details!

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author: Chris Salce

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