Recently we featured quite an impressive track in one of our “Newcomer series by an artist out of Los Angeles who goes by the name Adult Karate, and we were quite pleased when he approached us about premiering its music video.

‘Traces’ was a collaborative effort between Adult Karate and US hip-hop/electronic producer Amp Live, and together they delivered a chilled, atmospheric, synth-electro treat that definitely leaves an impression, and now with this self-directed music video, it really is quite hard not to be completely taken by it.

“The idea for the “Traces” video came from dream I had. In this dream, I was sitting in an empty room but I could tell I was being observed somehow. And whoever was observing me was trying to communicate with me through notes passed under the door. There’s a bit of mystery to it and a few unanswered questions, which is very much like the nature of a dream.” – Adult Karate 

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