‘Story’ is the debut ep from a newcomer out of Los Angeles who goes by the name Brock, featuring a tidy six-track collection of infectious electro-pop tunes that are pretty easy to get into.

The ep has an overall warm electro-pop vibe that comes from the smooth playful beats, warm synths and Brock’s bright summery vocal sounds – which is apparently only a new thing!

“I’ve never thought of myself as a great singer, especially growing up because I didn’t think I could sing. It was only until recently (like this past year) when I started getting feedback from friends and fans about my voice that I started taking it more seriously. It’s wild to admit that one of my biggest insecurities as a musician is now one of my strongest attributes.” – Brock.

There’s also some visual stimulation below with the Brady Kane directed music video for the closing track ‘Never Die’.

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