Los Angeles artist Justin Jay has a great new track for us this week called ‘Time’, which came out of a fun jamming session he had one day with his good buddies, Benny Bridges & Henry Was.

Prepare to be instantly drawn into this one by the dreamy vocal opening, then when the drums, funky bass and slick rhythms kick in you’ll be well on your way to being totally hooked – perfectly suited for fans of LCD Soundsystem, Pink Floyd and The Strokes.

“Time” is a deep intersection between my love for making beats/sounds and my exploration of live music, jamming with my homies. So many parts of the song came about while Benny Bridges, Henry Was and I were hanging out, messing around, just having fun. When my bandmates and I get to perform “Time” live, I feel my inner-8th Grader realizing those childhood ambitions and it makes me really happy.” – Justin Jay

‘Time’ is available everywhere now via Justin Jay’s very own label, Fantastic Voyage.

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