This one’s been brewing for a few months now, and I for one am so glad it has finally arrived.

“Visions IV” is the debut ep from Aussie indie-electro/dance-rock lads Nocturnal Tapes, featuring an impressive five-track collection of tunes that will have you swinging your hips and fist punching the air all the way through.

Nocturnal Tapes combine elements dance, indie-rock, a bit of tech-house and a whole lot of psych-electronica, as they share their dreams of exploring the possibilities of life without the pressure of deadlines and regret.

“We spent the winter at our Yamba home studio writing and recording ‘Visions IV’. The songs subtly discuss how we are forced by reality to live along the arrow of time. Through the records themes, there is an underlying yearning for the fourth dimension, where we could move through time in a linear fashion and explore the possibilities of life without the pressure of deadline and regret. This is where the title Visions IV comes from, however just as these songs have been written in a relatable way, the title also has a more literal meaning; the songs are our first visions for Nocturnal Tapes.” they said.

“Visions IV” is available everywhere now, and Aussie fans can catch them around the country this September as they hit the road with Luke Million.

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